BuildUs - Real Estate Property Management System

Build your own Property Management System By Atique IT.

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CloudBox - Online File Management System


  1. Twitter Bootstrap design
  2. Cross browser pass
  3. 100% Object Oriented(CodeIgniter)
  4. Seo friendly URL
  5. Auto pagination
  6. Captcha integration
  7. Public profiles
  8. View timestamps when users login
  9. Custom user profiles
  10. User can upload their own avatar (can be disabled in admin panel)
  11. Social icons used to link to your other sites and sections
  12. Each can be disabled in the admin panel if you do not need them to be displayed
  13. Multiple user levels per user (Admin, Special, User)
  14. Login expiration – Control default time before a user is logged out
  15. Modal forgotten password screen
  16. Email activation – Avoid false signup!
  17. My Account (“Settings”) page
  18. Extremely easy to integrate using our Install Wizard
  19. Reliable and secure MySQL database backend
  20. Automatic HTML5 & PHP field validation
  21. Unlimited folder creation
  22. Added subfolders functionality
  23. Drag and drop multiple file upload
  24. Update and delete folder
  25. Unlimited file upload in every folder
  26. Update and delete file
  27. Short folder by user
  28. Fully organized folder and file report
  29. Forgotten password reset
  30. Integrated FREE Simple Contact Form
  31. Auto Sortable columns
  32. Auto Pagination
  33. Mailbox System allows users on your system to send messages to each other
  34. Easy to reply email
  35. Get notifications when you receive new mail
  36. Users can delete mail
  37. Block list & Suspend list allows users to block other users from contacting them
  38. Customize the access, denied, register, forget password, activation link messages
  39. View list of recently registered users
  40. Search through all users
  41. Add new user manually
  42. Reset any user’s password
  43. Edit any user’s level or access
  44. View list of user
  45. Supper admin can change site name, site email and site logo

Browser compatibility:


BuildUs - Real Estate Property Management System will run in on all modern browsers. However you need JavaScript enabled to run the website smooth.


Installation BuildUs - Real Estate Property Management System v2.0.0

Please follow all the steps carefully...

  1. Download the file which you have purchased
  2. Upload Zip File in your server
  3. Extract the Zip file that you uploaded
  4. Create a Database using hosting database wizard
  5. Finally Click Finish Button. (Now you will redirect to Sing In Page)

  6. installation

  7. Now Give Your Email address(That is your user name) and password. Click Sing In Button. Now You can see dashboard.Here You can personalize what you want.

Note: If you using any folder location in your hosting to install this script, then you need some extra change in root (.htaccess) file on line number 3. You can open to edit this file on Notepad or Notepad++. Here will be adding your folder name as below picture:

HTML Structure

How to use

Follow the instraction below

  1. visit this link. you will get sing up from. fill up all information (first name, last name, email address, password etc.)

  2. sign up from

  3. Now check your email address and click activation link.
  4. Enter your email and password and click sing In button. Now you can see the dashboard.

  5. log in

  6. click my account you can change your personal information, upload your image, update password and add social media link from top the right side.

  7. account information

  8. When you go your property type then you can see this like below

  9. folder dashboard

  10. you can update your property type this this way

  11. folder dashboard

  12. When you go your property location then you can see this like below

  13. album dashboard

  14. you can add new property in property section

  15. album dashboard

  16. when you add a new property then you add here so many information.

  17. album dashboard

  18. You can add/control floor in this floor management section

  19. album dashboard

  20. If You want to add new unit then you add it on unit manegement section.

  21. edit admin lavel

  22. You can add/control flat in this flat management section.

  23. edit admin lavel

  24. you can write mail and send mail from compose mail

  25. edit admin lavel

  26. You can check your mail by clicking inbox.

  27. edit admin lavel

  28. You can check Send mail from here

  29. edit admin lavel

  30. You can change or edit company logo and company name. You can also upload favicon form here.

  31. edit admin lavel


If you are use BuildUs - Real Estate Property Management System v2.0.0 this version please ignore this process.

Update guide - BuildUs - Real Estate Property Management System v2.0.0

If You are using "BuildUs - Real Estate Property Management System 1.0.0 and if you want to update on "BuildUs - Real Estate Property Management System v2.0.0" then go to this and download the zip file and follow the instraction.
Step-1: Extract file then you will get the update.php file
Step-2: Copy update.php file and paste the file in your project root.
Step-3: Now login your script, run
Step-4: when your address ber will stop reloading then you can see the update message on your update menu under setting.

Version 1.0.1 – 13 November 2015

 - Fixed issue in Flat setup.
 - Fixed issue in Unit setup.
 - Fixed issue in Floor setup.
 - And other improvements and minor bug fixes.

Version 1.0.0 – 11 November 2015

- Initial release.


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Credit Goes to...

  1. CodeIgniter
  2. Bootstrap
  3. jQuary
  4. NiceEdit


We want to say thank for purchasing our BuildUs - Real Estate Property Management System. I hope you enjoy the product!